O u t w o r l d  R a f t i n g & B a s e c a m p

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Bring your kid to a new adventure

Put your gadjet aside and enjoy nature with family and create a best moment in perfect environment. Try out our family fun raft and play with sand, rock, stone and splashing in the river.

With our well trained and fun guide, we make sure your smiling on the way back home till we meet again.

Feel yourself at home with comfortable "tent room"

Eventhough in the outdoor, we never compromise good rest and sleep well in our complete tent come with bed, pillow, blanket, power supply. the chicken and sound of birds will wake you up early in the morning

This hot "room" almost occupy all year long.

Want more trill and adreanalin rush?

Splash your face and body on mind blowing fast flow water experience with grade 2-3 of river rafting. Youl will never regret and most of you will come back for more.

It's not a promise but its a guarantee. Our Pro- Guide will make sure enjoyment and excitement at maximum level with high safety protocol.


Jessica and family 12 Mac 2021

"Tempat best, aktiviti best, makan best, layanan first class dan saya rekemen kepada sesiapa yang nak datang ke sini." 

Lanun Biker's- 8 Dis 2020

Fendi and family 5 Mac 2021

"First time here, best, good experience, the place is comfortable, clean toilet. Rafting is the best, very safe, the guide were very good and professional". 


Hizmawati & family-12 Sept 2020

Azreen and family 28 Feb 2021

"When i heard the briefing, i know that am in good hand. This is my 2nd time here, I felt very safe and super welcome and that's why i come with more friends.


Mullen & friends-23 Aug 2020